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Pit Bull Bushidō is a collection of 47 different Samurai characters each based on one of the seven Virtues of Bushidō. There will be 47 copies of each Samurai, for a total collection of 2,209 NFTs.

The "7 Virtues of Bushidō"

Bushidō Virtue #1 義 (Gi) “Integrity”

Be completely honest in your dealings with all people. Believe that true justice starts with yourself, not others. Never let anyone question your integrity.

Bushidō Virtue #2 礼 (Rei) "Respect"

Don't be cruel. True warriors are courteous, even to their enemies. Show respect to others, not always proving your power. True inner strength shines in difficult times.

Bushidō Virtue #3 勇 (Yū) "Heroic Courage"

Have courage to do the right thing, no matter what others think. Heroic courage is not blind, but intelligent and strong. A true warrior isn't easily intimidated.

Bushidō virtue #4 名誉 (Meiyo) "Honor"

Seek to be honorable in all that you do. The decisions that you make and your actions in life show to all who you truly are. Don't be deceitful.

Bushidō Virtue #5 仁 (Jin) "Compassion"

The Samurai have the power to kill, but also the benevolence to show compassion. Make sure you show sympathy and mercy. Only fight for the right reasons.

Bushidō Virtue #6 誠 (Makoto) "Sincerity"

When you say you will do something, do it. Always speak sincerely and truthfully. Your words and your actions should be one and the same.

Bushidō Virtue #7 忠義 (Chūgi) "Loyalty"

No matter what circumstances arise, you should always be loyal to your friends. Samurai who knew they could trust each other had the strongest protection against the enemy.


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Character Card Set and merchandise

Those who collect the complete set of 47 Samurai will receive a physical set of "Character Cards" based on all of the NFTs in this collection! We're planning to build this collection, and future NFT collections, into a collectible card set and game. We also have plans for a future digital strategy game!

We'ce launched a series of merch based on these virtues of Bushidō!

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